Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Atheist's Journey to Faith

One can learn a great deal from the spiritual journey of others. Here is a compelling story of a former atheist.

What strikes you?


Karl Udy said...

I guess one of the most striking things about this story to me is how internally motivated he was to investigate Christianity. He read Mere Christianity, the Dawkins Delusion, The Case for Christ and a few other books before he even set foot in a church, and then when he did go to church he didn't go on the invite of a friend but googled local churches and went along by himself.

Keith Davy said...

I recently read an account of Francis Collin's conversion from atheism to Christ. I was struck by some similarities, include the assumptions of atheism, an active search of evidence, the influential reading of Mere Christianity and more, then finally faith in Jesus as Savior and the transformed life that resulted.

Thanks for your comment!

Ron Cram said...

Keith, thank you for sharing this video. He tells an interesting story of his own conversion and its very authentic. I may have to subscribe to that youtube channel!!

Keith Davy said...

Thanks, Ron. It is always encouraging to hear spiritual journeys like this. I haven't tracked the God: New Evidence Youtube channel closely, but every now and again, I check in and have enjoyed what I've seen.