Friday, February 22, 2008

ER Discovers the Flaw of Postmodernism

Here is an interesting video...

Soularium Update - II

Just received this...

Soularium is taking France by storm! :) We have tested this tool locally with staff and students in Toulouse, France and has been great! There have been dozens of people mobilized to share their faith through initiative evangelism, discussion groups, and other ways that we are using it. Students have said that it gives them confidence because it is so easy to transition into spiritual conversations with people and they see that God can use them to share about Jesus with people! We shared our experience at our national conference over Christmas and now several cities have used or are planning to use Soularium as a method to engage students in conversation. Thanks!

More encouraging news. Third print run is now in production...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Soularium Update

Soularium continues to spread without effort. This photographic image-based, conversational tool is creating engaging dialogue enjoyed by believers and outsiders alike. It is an amazing Explorer tool (for those who know the CoJourner paradigm). The first two production runs are sold out now, without anymore than one e-mail announcing its completion. Requests are pouring in for more -- both in the US and Internationally.

One story from this week...

A co-worker's daughter (who is a university student) told her dad that this semester she has been using it and has seen 12 people come to Christ through it. She said that she's having the same types of conversations she has always done in evangelism but Soularium has opened doors like nothing else has done.

That is exciting!

BTW - the next production run becomes available in two weeks.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Would Jesus Deconstruct?

Having read a review of Caputo's book, What Would Jesus Deconstruct...

I find myself asking, what would Jesus deconstruct about 21st century evangelism?


Worth pondering.

Friday, February 1, 2008

CoJourner: The Ultimate Explorer Commercial

Okay, the commercial says all it takes is a box of kleenex and a good listener to have significant conversations. Maybe really all it takes is a good listener. But how much more a good listener with the genuine love of Christ in his heart. Watch this...

or this...

But now for the rest of the story...

It turns out that it takes a little more than a listening ear and a box of kleenex. It takes the prospect of $200 if your footage is used in the commercial -- as revealed by our friends at Greenpeace:

So, now I'm even more convinced (from observation and personal experience) that what it really takes is a listening ear and the genuine love of Christ in your heart.

(Kleenex commercials are another media image manipulation. Our witness should never be...)

But it does make me wonder, what would happen if we put a couch on a college campus coupled with a genuinely caring, listening ear? Anyone want to try and let me know what happens?

PS - I really like the song by Starrfadu: Let it Out