Friday, October 15, 2010

Chilean Miner T-Shirts

You may have noticed on the news coverage of the trapped miners that many emerged wearing a tan t-shirt over their coveralls. If you didn’t notice, then at least CNN did. Here is an “investigative” article about it:

The Story Behind the Chilean Miners' Jesus T-Shirts

But we already knew the backstory, because the shirts were part of a gift from CCC in Chile. Here is a fuller picture of how it happened:

Chile Ministry Helps Trapped Miners

Isn’t it amazing how God works?

Wouldn't you love to hear even more of the stories of how God worked in individual lives in the mine and beyond?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Facebook's Backstory

Having just posted GenY's usage of Facebook, it may be of interest to consider a bit of the backstory of Facebook -- Hollywood style along with social commentary. Here to do that, is Chuck Colson, in his Breakpoint for the day, "The Social Network: A Crisis of Ethics in America".

GenY: Social Networking

GenY, that is those born between 1982-2004, are "the first generation in human history to, as children, be more technologically advanced than their parents." So writes Dan Coates, President of Ypulse, in his Engage GenY posting, entitled "Social Network Disconnect". He provides a good summary of GenY social networking preferences, including:
  • 94% of GenY is on Facebook spending 11.4 hours/week there
  • 78% prefer connecting to their preferred social network by mobile phone
  • 55% prefer texting as their primary means of connecting with friends; Facebook (in second place for primary connecting) comes in at 24%
While there may be nothing surprising, it always good to have some of the latest research facts and figures at hand.

Thanks, Dan.