Monday, January 28, 2008

Mr. Jenner (not Genor) -- the Video

This is an edit of the original posting below. If you read Heather's comment, you will want to watch this video of the amazing story of Frank Jenner...


A number of years ago, while speaking at a Billy Graham School of Evangelism, I heard Dr. Roy Fish tell the story of Mr. Genor, a little white haired man, witnessing on George Street in Sydney, Australia.

I have become aware of this video of another sharing the same story (thanks, Dan). There are slight differences from the version I first heard, but essentially it is the same (kind of like the Synoptic Gospels -- same message, slight variation on details.)

I, of course, have at times wondered the accuracy, so went searching and found this...

and even more about Mr. Jenner (not Genor)...

But the final reference is more formal & official (It's even got Mr. Jenner's picture):

Makes me want to read the book: Jenner of George Street by Raymond Wilson. Better yet, it makes me want to learn from the man God profoundly used!

The God Conversation

I just picked up The God Conversation by J. P. Moreland and Tim Muehlhoff. I have known Tim for years, at least on a casual basis, and I have known of J.P.’s work for probably an equal length of time. So I was with special interest when I heard that they had teamed up on a book together.

But even more intriguing then the author’s, was the title: The God Conversation. Being engaged in equipping believers in conversational witness has instilled a curiosity for new insights, ideas, resources anything that will help. First impression—The God Conversation is likely to be one of those resources I not only profit from myself, but will recommend commonly to those I equip.

Why? In the CoJourner paradigm, the third role we can play in other people’s spiritual journey is that of the Bridge Builder. The Bridge Builder helps those who are stuck on their journey, for whatever reason—intellectual questions, emotional baggage or simply misdirected desires—over and beyond the issues that keep them from coming to Christ. The God Conversation appears to be treasury ideas and illustrations to equip and sharpen Bridge Builders.

I’ll explore more in the days to come…

Resources for (Campus) Ministry

Many ask me what resources we have been involved in developing for Campus Ministry that can be utilized effectively in other contexts. Ah, they are numerous. God has graciously worked through a gifted team to put together a rich assembly of effective resources. Perhaps the best introduction of them is the sixteen page user guide that can be downloaded or viewed here:

Each is available through:

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Arts & Evangelism: An Enduring Legacy in Music

Here is a wonderful article on the power of Bach's music -- still bearing fruit for God's glory, still changing lives three centuries later.

What from the early 21st century will have such enduring value for the kingdom of God?


Feb 12 - A friend just pointed out another article by the same author in First Things:

Reveal: Lessons in Research (for the body of Christ)

Since I dabble in research (really knowing only enough to know I don't really know), I found Dr. Bradley Wright's cautionary analysis of the Willow Creek Association's attention-getting book, Reveal, very insightful.

Now I know I really need to know more about research.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Napkin Gospel

As we enter the spiritual journeys of others conversationally, there is often the opportunity to explain the gospel in short and simple ways.

One commonly used approach to sharing the essence of the of the gospel is with the napkin and a basic diagram.

The Napkin Gospel is one example of these from Craig Siebert, of Priority Associates.

What Evangelism Isn't

Mark Dever's book, The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, is quoted in a Christianity Today article. Five things that Dever says evangelism is sometimes confused with:

1. Imposition - it is announcing the gospel message, not imposing personal views.
2. Personal Testimony - it is announcing the gospel, not telling one's experience.
3. Social Action and Public Involvment - it is announcing the gospel, not doing good deeds (though obviously the later can prepare the stage for the former.)
4. Apologetics - it is announcing the gospel, not defending the faith (again related, but not the same.)
5. The Results of Witness - it is announcing the gospel, not achieving a desired outcome. (The outcome is not the same as the means.)