Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Encouraging Fruit of Cru Outreach

Three out of ten students on Cru Summer U.S. and Global Mission Summer Projects indicate that God used Cru (that is, Campus Crusade for Christ or Student Venture) to help them come to faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. 

This insight comes from the 2012 pre-project survey of students involved in U.S. Summer Projects and Global Mission experiences. Just over one thousand students participated in the survey, with about 2/3 participating in U.S. projects and 1/3 in Global Mission projects.  

Seven out of ten (72.5%) of the summer project students indicate that they came to Christ under the nurturing influence of a Christian family and local church.  Thus, the other 27.5% could be classified as “first generation” believers. They did not have the privilege of being led to Christ and nurtured in a Christian home.  Since the number who came to Christ through Cru is slightly higher (30.7%) than then the percentage of first generation believers (27.5%), it may suggest that some who were raised in a Christian home received assurance of salvation through a Cru ministry. 

While this is only glimpse into the effectiveness of Cru's evangelistic ministry, these are encouraging results. The significance is heightened when one considers that a level of growth and maturity has also occurred between receiving Christ and a student being ready to participate in a summer mission experience.  

God is at work on today's university campuses & he is using Cru to lead many students into a life transforming relationship with Jesus Christ!