Monday, July 30, 2007

Spiritual Journey -- Away from God

I often share the spiritual journeys of others -- most often those that lead to Christ. But we must face the reality that many journeys don't lead to Christ, and for many reasons. We should read those that lead away with genuine compassion and seeking wisdom to understand. Here is a heart-breaking story of one whose faith was broken by the moral failure of those who claim the name of Christ, but whose fruit indicate they are of a different nature (Matt 7:15-23.),0,2152302.story?page=1&track=ntottext&coll=la-tot-topstories

Monday, July 2, 2007

Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening

I'm very encouraged to be holding a newly released copy of a revised Fireseeds of Spiritual Awakening, a campus ministry classic written by Dan Hayes. The promo says of it...
For over two decades, Fireseeds has inspired us to pray, to expect the impossible, and to trust God for new works of His Spirit - in our lives and on the campus. Fireseeds is a proven tool for igniting campus wide, student-led prayer. But it is more than a book on prayer. It is a book of stories; stories of great prayer movements, revivals, and the students who gave leadership to them.

That has been our experience with this powerful book. I am so grateful to my good friend and co-worker, Rick James, for having the vision to update and re-release this great tool!