Thursday, April 7, 2011

30 Seconds...Another 18 yr Old Latino in US

Here is a 90 sec read from Fast Company on the Hispanic Market in the US. Not just how big it is, but the implications for companies (and organizations). It is worth your minute and a half.

Every 30 seconds a Latino turns 18 years old. Will we be positioned to reach him or her?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Backstory on iPad: Cool View

My friend and co-worker, RJ, took our work with Life@Large (a seven-chapter, gospel storyline) and created an updated version known as Backstory. We haven't yet pursued creating an "app" for mobile devices. That is coming (we say.) However, I was copied on (another friend and co-workers) DC's e-mail to RJ's on this creative usage:
I shared Christ with a grad student today at Cal using Backstory --- I had him Google search CruPress and download the pdf into his iPad and view on iPad Reader --- looking at it together we flicked the pages back and forth, read out loud scripture, and answered the Q's --- the way it's formatted is beautiful on iPad --- it's 4x it's printed size when you click on a pane and it fills the screen --- 2x the size when "scrolling"--- so easy to read you must try it it you haven't yet --- a quality conversation was had over quality Gospel media --- he's a believer, so I used Backstory to get to know better and to draw out his story --- asked him which of the 7 themes drew him in the most --- he came closer to Christ through the conversation and so did I --- Backstory should get a Grammy for best coffeehouse conversation media for use with an iPad --- I wonder if Backstory could be hosted on campus ministry and personal websites so one could click and drag-the pages and view it similarly to like we did today but with a cursor--

Be encouraged. -dc

PS ________, You men have iPads, reply-to-all with your thoughts (viewing it on my MacBook with the Marque Zoom is amazing too) --- let's creatively spread the word about this phenomenon to our students reaching out at Big Break and Spring Breaks everywhere --- and as something new and beautiful to share on campus during Easter Season.
Maybe you should try it too!