Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Backstory on the iPad

Flying back from Indianapolis last week, I set next to Carl---an engineer returning home on a business trip. A bit of exploring  (see CoJourner role: The Explorer) revealed an ex-Catholic who considers himself "spiritual" and believes that the gnostic gospels are equally important as the canonical gospels. Hmm....

As we visited, I asked it I could briefly show him Backstory, a visual synopsis of the Bible. Using my iPad, loaded with a pdf of Backstory (and using the Documents to Go application), I walked him through the seven themes:
  • Intimacy
  • Betrayal
  • Anticipation
  • Pursuit
  • Sacrifice
  • Invitation
  • Reunion
Expanding each of the seven theme pages (i.e., the left-side photograph pages) to screen size and flipping through them one at a time, it was easy and engaging to briefly walk through and explain the story-line of the gospel. After further discussion, I offered him a printed copy of Backstory (the pamphlet), which he gladly received.

This was the first time I used my new iPad in a conversational witnessing experience. The iPad presentation of Backstory was gorgeous (given the black & white photography that provides the background for each theme.) Using the "up/down swipe" feature, enabled me to share without having to reference or even show the additional content (found on the right-side, white-background pages of Backstory). Knowing that the additional material was available at the swipe of a finger (i.e., right-to-left exposes the right-sde page; left-to-right returns to the photo-theme page) was nice, but not necessary for this conversation.

My conclusion: This will easily become my favorite way to share Christ when in a conversation it becomes appropriate to explain the gospel. 

BTW - Carl wasn't anywhere close to receiving Christ (as best as I could discern), but having a positive, engaging conversation, which included the gospel and for which he thanked me, was a gift from God. 

Here is a brief video introduction of how I used Backstory, shot with my iPhone video. Its not professional, but perhaps it will help...

Monday, November 7, 2011

I Agree with... Kirk

Through the years, local Cru ministries have conducted an innovative outreach campaign known as "I Agree With..."

This fall, the Michigan State Cru helped sponsor an "I Agree with Kirk" campaign, featuring the personal testimony of starting MSU quarterback, Kirk Cousins.  Here is an article from the Christian post: Michigan State Quarterack Kirk Cousins Talks Faith, Football.